Meet the Creator -
Dr Alice Tippetts


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About the Game
Aboriginal Health and Literacy Resource


A fun, culturally appropriate board game covering smoking, nutrition, alcohol, physical activity and much more...


      • A culturally appropriate game promoting healthy living
      • 10 years in the making with research from Dr Alice Tippetts (living and working in the Kimberley for 14 years)
      • Input from many Aboriginal people living in the Kimberley
      • Language, graphics and layout of the game have all been trialled through consultation with communities
      • The game helps to show the consequences of different behaviours


How does the game work?


  • SNAP into LIFE is loosely based on snakes and ladders and monopoly
  • Each turn players must answer a question about health e.g. what is more healthy - ice cream, yoghurt or chocolate?
  • Players answer questions throughout the game on smoking, nutrition, alcohol, physical activity, our bodies, mental health, environmental health and road safety
  • Players get a chance to advance in the game when they get further education, go out bush or get a job
  • Obstacles see players move back in the game where poor health may send you down a crocodile or a crisis may see you head backwards to the health centre, on the grog or even prison
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